Ben Woodhams

Ben Woodhams serves as the head of media for Open Frontiers. Drawn to Sotogrande for its unique balance between vibrancy and tranquility, he appreciates the lifestyle it offers and has found happiness in this resort. 

Not only is Ben a licensed project manager, but he is also a licensed drone pilot. These qualifications add a unique dimension to his role in capturing the essence of properties. He has a unique eye for detail and is able to portray properties in their best light. 

Fluent in English and Spanish, Ben’s language skills are key in producing content that resonates with a wide audience.

A man of many passions and great personality, Ben loves spending time on the water, whether it’s boating as a fully licensed skipper, or riding his Fliteboard. He never says no to an afternoon with friends in Sotogrande port, and his personal pursuits complement his professional life, making him a well-rounded and much loved team member.