Michael Norton

Michael Norton is an Equity Partner at Open Frontiers and a Sotogrande pioneer, having lived in the area since 1974. His deep connection to Sotogrande was further solidified when his three children attended the local International School, where he was also on the board of directors. 

His extensive experience in luxury real estate dating back to 1995 stands as proof of his expertise. He has held pivotal roles in organizations like Look & Find and Sotogrande SA, for which he was the director of sales for 17 years before joining Open Frontiers.

Michael is multilingual, speaking fluent English, Spanish, and French, skills that have proven invaluable in his international endeavours and strong ties to the Spanish community.

With an impressive professional track record, Michael is also passionate about history, culture and is the number one story teller at dinner parties, where his affinity for good wines always proves beneficial, and his warm personality is always welcomed. He loves spending time with his family and enjoying Sotogrande with a good round of golf.