The 25 year


track record & history

The 25 years


track record & history.

All stories start somewhere…

This story starts way back in 1996, in cold, rainy, Belgium. There, Ben and Grietje set up a real estate agency called Open Frontiers. The couple both had sales experience, and business experience from their first company (a tennis club with restaurant), but no experience in Real Estate.

When in 1998 the rumours kept coming in from Spain about a booming market, and a business haven, it was a no brainer. So when Ben was  presented with the opportunity to buy a registered limited company in Spain, with offices, and the full set up in La Duquesa, Cadiz, he goes for it.

Just a few weeks later, when Ben finally dips his toes into the southern Spanish waters, he finds there is no registered company, no office, and no client base. With his family still in Belgium, there was no choice but to move forward however he could. He managed to make a sale, in Spain, under his Belgian companies name Open Frontiers. That sale, till this day, is noted as the most life changing sale. It has resulted in a lasting friendship with the clients, the start of a registered Spanish S.L., physical offices, and most importantly, it bought the tickets for his children and wife to join him in the sun. Months later, Open Frontiers makes it’s first major sale, to a man who till his passing in April 22, bought and sold over 5 properties through Ben, and who will always be held dearly in his heart. This sale, was the step into the luxury property market. 

Wind forward to 2003, Ben managed to grow his office to a 200m2 space, buzzing with 12 employees. Yet, as always throughout his life, family came first, and world class education at that time was only available in Sotogrande, 30 minutes down the coast.

By late 2003 Open Frontiers is opening brand new offices in Sotogrande, where they continue to this day.

Along comes 2008, agents and real estate offices vanished as snow before the summer sun, but not Open Frontiers. In the face of uncertainty, and against everyone’s recommendation, Ben pushed through, believing in Real Estate and the future. Open Frontiers, despite being on bare bones, continued to be there for all the clients and future clients. Open Frontiers even receives an award for ‘Best Development in Spain’ from “CNBC International Property Awards”.

Open Frontiers pulled out of this crisis, and grew again as a company to the point that it was surpassed the ‘pre-crisis boom’. Since then the company has defined itself by it’s honesty and integrity, building up a huge client base along the years. 

This isn’t the whole story though, a key partner is yet to come into the mix… 

Michael and Grietje, at ‘Second Home’ trade fair, Belgium, 2012.

Along comes Michael…

From 2002 until 2015 Open Frontiers was the exclusive agent in the the Benelux market for Sotogrande S.A., where Michael was sales director.

A great relationship formed between Michael and Ben throughout the years, both on a working level that has trust at its core, and on a personal level (that has great wine at its core). 

In 2015 the opportunity presented itself for Michael to become partner at Open Frontiers. Since then, Ben and Michael have successfully ran the Real Estate together, each using their strengths to continue pushing the Sotogrande Market and positioning Open Frontiers as the most trusted agency by many. 

Our History 

Over the Years


Founded, Belgium

  • Open Frontiers is born.

La Duquesa, Spain

  • Open Frontiers opens its offices 
  • Launches its first website

Casas Mallorquinas, La Duquesa

  • A 20 house development that Open Frontiers gets exclusivity for.

The almadraba, La Duquesa

  • A 76 apartment development in duquesa port, Open Frontiers exclusively handles sales & marketing.

Sotogrande, Spain

  • Relocation to Sotogrande, and grand opening of new office space.

 Los Granados, La Duquesa

  • 76 luxury apartment project that Open Frontiers has exclusivity for. 

Sotogrande, Spain

  • Global crash, Open Frontiers manages to survive.

London, UK

  • CNBC international property awards: ‘Best Development Spain’ for Open Frontiers.

Jardines de Otivar

  • 38 apartments in exclusivity.   

Diamantes de Orgiva 

  • 18 apartment project in exclusivity.   

Sotogrande, Spain

  • Ben partners with Michael.

Sotogrande, Spain

  • 1000 properties sold!
Sotogrande, Spain

  • BUILD awards Open Frontiers with ‘Best After Sales and Propery Specialists’.
  • Open Frontiers opens second office in Sotogrande Port

 Senda Chica, Sotogrande 

  • Open Frontiers gets exclusive sales rights over 102 luxury apartments in Sotogrande.  

London, UK

  • Ben is awarded with ‘Best Real Estate Agent’ by the ‘International Property Awards’.

Ribera del dorado, Sotogrande

  • Luxury apartments in the heart of Sotogrande. Open Frontiers hold exclusive sales rights and is heavily involved in development process.

Working with with Open Frontiers, means benefitting from over 25 years of experience.




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