Open Frontiers presents the magnificence of SRC by Loxwood Developments with Architect Antonio Benjumea.  Welcome to a world where luxury, design, and nature converge. Loxwood Developments, renowned

Exploring SRC by Loxwood Developments: Innovative Architectural Designs by Antonio Benjumea

Open Frontiers presents the magnificence of SRC by Loxwood Developments with Architect Antonio Benjumea. 

Welcome to a world where luxury, design, and nature converge. Loxwood Developments, renowned for their high-end properties, is set to transform the prestigious San Roque Club in southern Spain with three more exclusive villas – each a testament to architectural brilliance and elegant living. After the success of their first two developments in the same area, Open Frontiers had the opportunity to tour the plots with the architect who designed these marvels: Antonio Benjumea. 

Nestled in the heart of Andalusia, the San Roque Club is synonymous with luxury. Its rich golfing assets and picturesque landscapes offer a perfect backdrop for Loxwood’s latest project. Here, tradition meets modern sophistication, promising an unmatched living experience.

SRC 79, SRC 80 and SRC 81 

Over the years San Roque Club has become more popular, and the amenities and developments in this area are a proof of this; which is why Loxwood Developments deserves the spotlight. Their first two developments were a great success, and now it is our pleasure to present SRC 79, SRC 80 and SRC 81, their next three developments that will be no exception to the quality and style already claimed by this developer. 

Each villa, uniquely designed, stands as a beacon of luxury. Villa SRC 81, with its seamless indoor-outdoor living spaces, offers panoramic views and an ambiance of tranquility. Villa SRC 80, a marvel of contemporary design, provides privacy and elegance. Villa SRC 79, blending modern aesthetics with comfort, is a haven of peace. 

These villas are not just homes; they are masterpieces of living art, equipped with state-of-the-art amenities and designed for those who seek the extraordinary. All three villas have been designed with practicality and luxury at its forefront. Their incredible position of first line golf harnesses the views and the natural light this area has to offer. At Open Frontiers we love the fact that they all offer en-suite bedrooms, large open spaces, and are incredibly well thought out to provide a natural flow to the house, truly turning it into a home. 

Antonio Benjumea: The Architectural Maestro

The visionary behind these structures is Antonio Benjumea, a name revered in the architectural world. His designs reflect a deep understanding of space, light, and nature. Benjumea’s approach to sustainable, innovative design ensures that each villa is not only a visual delight but also an eco-friendly habitat. Loxwood Developments has a long standing relationship with Antonio, who has a strong proven track record in this area, so it is no surprise that the design of the SRC villas are flawless and integrate so well with the local area. 

Benjumea has ensured that the Loxwood villas maintain a modern style while respecting the Andalusian heritage. Bringing these two styles together creates a luxurious living experience in a very good looking house that respects its surroundings. This is a skill few master, yet at Open Frontiers we all agree that Loxwood Developments has truly pulled it off. 

Imagine waking up to gentle Mediterranean breezes, amidst lush greenery and stunning vistas. The San Roque Club offers an exclusive lifestyle, complete with golf courses, equestrian facilities, and a vibrant community. It’s not just a home; it’s a retreat from the ordinary, a place where every moment is a celebration of life.

As Loxwood Developments and Antonio Benjumea weave their magic, these villas are set to become the epitome of luxury living. For those who desire excellence and elegance, the opportunity to own a piece of this paradise is now. Embrace the extraordinary, and discover your dream home at San Roque Club.

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