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I suppose, when Colonel Joseph McMicking sent his director Raul Melian to look for a suitable site in Spain for a first-class resort, he was also interested not only in a resort but in a location ...

Sotogrande Cultural Tourism: Embark on a Thrilling Journey Through the Rich Tapestry of Art and Heritage in the Surrounding Sotogrande Area

I suppose, when Colonel Joseph McMicking sent his director Raul Melian to look for a suitable site in Spain for a first-class resort, he was also interested not only in a resort but in a location close to iconic cultural sites and locations. This vision marked the beginning of a trend towards cultural tourism, as the resort aimed not just to provide a luxurious escape but also to immerse visitors in the rich cultural heritage of the region.

The four farms that today make up Sotogrande was his eventual choice. 

Sotogrande is located in the province of Cadiz in the beautiful region of south western Andalusia. Sotogrande is close, and sometimes very close to some wonderful spanish cultural heritage sites and the beautiful geographical Rock of Gibraltar.

The typical buyer coming to spain is probably looking to enjoy the beautiful cultural sites and of course the local gastronomy. 

Sotogrande is the place!

Close by to sotogrande there is the fabulous towns of Castellar and it’s magnificent medieval castle town. Here the discerning tourist can enjoy not only the spectacular castle but also the beautiful walks through the “ Alcornocales national park”. 

I recommend a visit to the Almoraima convent, now a nice rural hotel offering riding, walks and nature classes on the local flora and fauna. Deer watching and listening in the rutting season. Again, as typical of the area, good restaurants on site.

Further a field the town of Jimena de la frontera. The “ de la frontera “ means a town that was honoured for fighting and recovering land as a result of the moorish invasion of the eighth century until the expulsion of the moors in 1492.

For those who love wine there are two immediate visits:

Going to Rhonda is always a great pleasure! A beautiful medieval town on the river Tagus . Here there is the oldest bullring in Spain with its most interesting museum. The town has spectacular views and of course great restaurants and hotels. 

The surrounding area has some very good vineyards and the wine is first class. A visit to a local winery is a must. Perhaps followed by a ballon ride or horse back riding! For the car lovers a visit to the race track to eliminate stress at breakneck speeds!

Only 55 minutes away from sotogrande.

The next famous wine growing area is of course, “Jerez de la frontera.”

The home of Sherry wine with numerous excellent wineries: I would recommend a visit to Gonzales Byass and to the boutique “ Leon Domecq bodega “.

Both are excellent examples of a typical Jerez winery and both hold culinary and flamenco events: especially the larger winery of Gonzales Byass. ( Number one Sherry producer in the world and part of the architecture was done by the famous Eiffel !)

Again , Jerez has numerous good hotels and excellent restaurants including a Michelin star restaurant.

Only one hour away.

There is more to be seen in the Puerto de Santa Maria and Sanlucar. Sanlucar is home to the “ manzanilla “ wine and great place for those who love horse racing on the beach! (This is a must in August.)

Only one hour and half away.

Sotogrande is in the province of Cadiz and a visit to its capital Cadiz is a must! Cadiz is a spectacular city with a rich history and many historical sites and museums. Excellent restaurants and for beach lovers some of best beaches in Spain.

Further a field are the classic great cities of Andalusia:

At only one hour and forty five minutes away is the beautiful capital of Andalusia, Seville. Here one can spend a few days in a splendid hotel viewing so of the most beautiful churches, museums and of course the “ Alcazar”. Here one will enjoy the Arabic and Christian schools of architecture.

An amazing bull ring and museum  “ La Real Maestranza de Sevilla “.

Córdoba is a visit that will enlighten the visitor to the amazing mosque where Christianity and Islam meets! Again very good hotels and excellent culinary experience. Only 2 hours away.

A visit to one of the great wonders of the world is a must! In Granada the“ Alhambra “ is an unforgettable experience. The Islamic architecture and gardens are spectacular. The “ Alhambra “ is one of the most visited sites in the world! Again good hotels and restaurants. 

Only 2 hours away.

The Sierra Nevada mountains close to Granada offer a good skiing experience.

Malaga is another very dynamic and exciting city to visit! Only 1 hour away and you will encounter first class art museums, notably the Picasso museum.

Fun city, fun restaurants and good hotels.

Malaga is a very exciting upper coming city.

Of course we have our local town of San Roque, which is charming and worth a visit to have “ Tapas” in Don Benitos and other local bars. The Easter processions are lovely to watch.

If one is keen to have a cultural experience in another country nearby, there are two fun visits one can do:

Firstly, I would spend a day in Gibraltar. Gibraltar is a fascinating place with a striking geography and a spectacular  position at the end of Europe, opposite Africa and at the confluence of two seas: the Atlantic and the Mediterranean.

St Michael’s cave and the World War Two tunnels are must and great fun to visit.

See the monkeys and climb the rock to enjoy the spectacular views.

Nice pubs and restaurants and very interesting duty free shopping! ( best cigars you can find!)

Secondly you can easily change continents with a quick trip to Marocco.

The town of Tánger, only 45 minutes away via hydrofoil from Tarifa, brings you into another world! You have the sensation that you have traveled far from home.

The spice market and souk are an amazing experience. The people, the food and the atmosphere in general is truly a lovely experience!

All this can be done in one day. However, I recommend staying overnight in one of the wonderful Riads ( private small hotels) and experience North Africa at its best.

The cultural tourism that surrounds sotogrande is rich and amongst the most interesting in Europe and indeed the world!

The great Andalusian cities of Sevilla, Córdoba, Cadiz and Granada. The wineries of Jerez de la Frontera and Rhonda.

Then Gibraltar and Marocco to experience different cultures and a different continent.

All these riches are within two hours from our home Sotogrande.

Michael Norton
Michael Norton Partner & Director

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