Innin Buyl

Innin serves as the Director of Sales and Business Development at Open Frontiers Real Estate. Raised in Sotogrande, her profound love for the community and Open Frontiers stems from witnessing its growth and her father’s role in founding the company. Her deep-rooted connection to both Sotogrande and Open Frontiers Real Estate fuels her dedication to their continued success.

Her early education took place at Sotogrande International School (SIS). She then earned her Bachelor’s in Business Administration from Madrid’s IE University on a scholarship, which included a semester of study at the University of Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. She also obtained her Master’s degree from EAE Business School in Madrid. 

Innin is multilingual, speaking fluent Dutch from her home life, Spanish due to her residence in Spain, and English from lifelong education. She also speaks some French, picked up from friendships around the world.

Innin is a vibrant and sociable individual with a keen interest in horse riding, particularly polo; and is also a certified ski instructor, her favorite winter sport. She is deeply committed to humanitarian causes and currently also channels her business savvy into her role as a professor of strategy and entrepreneurship at Schellhammer Business School.