Polo in Sotogrande: the August edition

Spectacular August Edition: Ignite Your Passion with Polo in Sotogrande

Sotogrande has always had a rich equestrian tradition, with polo very much on its foreground. It went from being a sport the Sotogrande locals played, to the sport that put Sotogrande on the map, bringing a large influx of players, families and tourists. 

One of the most celebrated events in the Sotogrande polo calendar is the Santa Maria Polo Club International Tournament, now organized by Minuto Siete, in collaboration with Ayala Polo Club. This prestigious event brings together elite teams from around the world, showcasing the highest levels of horsemanship, teamwork, and skill. As the sun bathes the carefully manicured fields in a golden glow, the thundering hooves of galloping horses resonate with the cheers of the crowd, creating an electrifying atmosphere that is uniquely Sotogrande.

Polo :August Edition

The atmosphere surrounding the matches is a blend of sophistication and relaxation. Spectators gather in summer attire, mingling amidst the vibrant colors of the jerseys and the lush green of the fields. Unlike other places around the world, games in Sotogrande are free for all, a unique thing in the world of polo. 

Polo in Sotogrande also brings with it a great deal of fun, a vibrant hub of activity, features boutiques, art exhibitions, and entertainment options that add to the festivities. Throughout the games you can purchase refreshments from the bars or shop around the pop-up stores in between field 3 and field 4. However, if you want an insider tip: always watch the afternoon game on field 3 from the ‘after-polo’ side (between fields 2 and 3). 

 After the match the excitement continues until the early hours of the morning. Right after the match, you can enjoy a drink at the ‘Last Chukker’, a place known for its ‘tardeo’, as we say locally, meaning a lively afternoon drink until after the sun sets, before dinner. At the Last-chukker you can experience live music and DJ’s until 12:00 at night. We highly recommend an afternoon beer here after the match, and to beat the hunger: the chicken from the food truck. 

If live music caught your attention, then Sotogrande Music Festival at Santa Maria Polo Club is definitely for you. A wide variety of music artists from around the world take stage here. A great experience in the open air for those music lovers on Sotogrande summer nights.

For those seeking to extend the night’s allure, the enchantment continues with a seamless transition to ‘After-Polo.’ Nestled just across the field, this illustrious night club beckons with its reputation for keeping the rhythms alive while overlooking the magnificent field 3.

Innin Buyl
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