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Discover the Exclusive Splendor of La Reserva & The Seven in Sotogrande

Discover the Exclusive Splendor of La Reserva & The Seven in Sotogrande

Welcome to a world where luxury meets tranquility in the prestigious enclave of La Reserva, Sotogrande. Here, we uncover the allure of ‘The Seven’—an extraordinary collection of seven one-of-a-kind villas, each a masterpiece envisioned by acclaimed landscapist Jean Mus and brought to life by a distinguished international architect. These villas are not just homes; they are sprawling, one-hectare sanctuaries offering spacious living, unparalleled amenities, and mesmerizing views of the Mediterranean. With plot prices commencing at a striking €7,600,000, ‘The Seven’ offers an unparalleled standard of elite living.

Embracing Elegance: A Glimpse into the Seven Signature Villas

NIWA by Ark

Discover ‘NIWA’, where the essence of a Japanese courtyard is captured within 10,126 sqm of lush surroundings. This east-southeast facing haven of 4,231.85 sqm is a turn-key project that embodies the seamless blend of structure with nature. With nine bedrooms, including a regal master suite and two plush guest suites, and commodious parking for 12 vehicles, ‘NIWA’ epitomizes the harmony of peace and balance. The villa is a sanctuary complete with a gym, spa, dual swimming pools, a wine cellar, and a home office—each element carefully crafted to ensure the security and serenity of its residents.

The Kogen Villa by Studio MK27

The Kogen Villa, a sold property, presents an award-winning design on a 10,295 sqm plot. Crafted by Studio MK27, this villa introduces a Brazilian flair to Andalucia. The southeast-facing property spreads across 1,272 sqm and features a master suite, junior suites, and staff bedrooms. Luxurious amenities such as a gym, dual pools, a cinema, and a pool house complement the wine cellar, making for an exquisite living experience.

The Gumuchdijan Villa by Gumuchdijan Architects

With a plot size of 10,257 sqm, this London-inspired villa by Gumuchdijan Architects offers 1,501 sqm of interior elegance. It includes a master suite, junior suites, guest and staff bedrooms, and generous parking. The villa’s orientation maximizes southern views, while the gym, pools, cinema, and wine cellar define opulence. An optional guesthouse adds to the villa’s allure, embracing essential elements of sun, sea, and land.

The Martin-Löf Villa by Andreas Martin-Löf Arkitekter

Nestled within a 10,783 sqm plot, the Martin-Löf Villa by Andreas Martin-Löf Arkitekter from Stockholm offers 1,849 sqm of interior space. The villa boasts a master suite, junior and guest suites, staff bedrooms, and ample parking. South-facing views are framed with a design that harmonizes modernity and tradition, while the gym, spa, pools, cinema, and wine cellar offer a rich spatial experience.

The Van Berkel Villa by UNStudio

Ben Van Berkel of UNStudio, famed for the Erasmus Bridge, presents The Van Berkel Villa on a 10,320 sqm plot. This south-facing property has 1,526 sqm of living space, including a master suite, junior and guest suites, and a staff bedroom. The villa integrates into the landscape, allowing movement that follows the sun, and includes a gym, spa, pools, cinema, and more, with options for an additional guesthouse or art room.

The Silvestre Villa by Fran Silvestre Architectos

Fran Silvestre Architectos, known for their distinctive designs, bring you The Silvestre Villa on a 10,612 sqm plot. With 1,501 sqm of internal space, it features a master suite, junior and guest suites, staff bedrooms, and extensive parking. South and southeast views complement the gym, spa, pools, cinema, and optional guesthouse, embodying a unique integration with the landscape.

The Jensen Villa by Jensen & Skodvin

Award-winning Norwegian architecture is showcased in The Jensen Villa, occupying a generous 12,044 sqm plot. With 1,573 sqm of interior space, the east and southeast-facing villa provides a master suite, junior suites, staff bedrooms, and covered parking. The villa feels like an extension of nature itself, with a gym, spa, pools, cinema, an herb garden, and a wine cellar, designed to offer comfort and grandeur.

Each villa within ‘The Seven’ of La Reserva is a testament to architectural excellence and landscape perfection. As an integral part of Open Frontiers in Sotogrande, we invite discerning buyers to step into a world of refined elegance and unparalleled luxury, where each property promises a bespoke living experience in one of Europe’s most exclusive enclaves.

Innin Buyl
Innin Buyl Director of Sales and Business Development

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