La Reserva

La Reserva: Where Luxury Meets Lifestyle in the Heart of Sotogrande

What is La Reserva? 

La Reserva is a prestigious, low density, residential area situated within the larger Sotogrande development in Cadiz, Spain. La Reserva is the ‘newest’ and most recently developed area in Sotogrande. It is also the area closest to the Sotogrande International School, and where the La Reserva Golf and club are. 

La Reserva is where the most modern and luxurious villas in the whole of Sotogrande are located. There are a 270 plots in total, with an average size of 3,000m2. 

When was La Reserva founded? 

Sotogrande SA officially introduced the plots in La Reserva onto the market in two phases, with the first release occurring in 2002 and the second following in 2003. It must be noted that La Reserva has alway been a subarea of Sotogrande, though it has really taken off in the recent years. 

Where is La Reserva? 

La Reserva is precisely situated within Sotogrande, a notable and high-end resort and residential area in the province of Cadiz, Andalusia, Spain. This enclave is strategically located at the very entrance of Sotogrande, affording it a prominent position less than one kilometer from the AP-7 exit. The AP-7 serves as a pivotal arterial route, providing seamless connectivity to the larger regional network. Additionally, La Reserva’s placement grants it another advantageous point of access: a direct route leading to the well-regarded Sotogrande International School, placing top-tier education just a brief drive from the heart of the community.

La Reserva boasts a setting that combines both convenience and scenic beauty. Families have easy access to the esteemed Sotogrande International School, which is just a few minutes walk from the highest located properties. Furthermore, the celebrated La Reserva Golf Club is a mere swing away, offering golf aficionados the chance to enjoy their sport against a backdrop of the picturesque Mediterranean landscape. La Reserva’s strategic location at Sotogrande’s gateway ensures that whether it’s education, transport, or leisure, all are just a stone’s throw away, making it a perfect blend of accessibility and luxury living.

How big is La Reserva? 

La Reserva in Sotogrande is approximately 500 hectares. It Consists of a golf club, a beach club, racquet center, communities with townhouses and apartments, and 270 plots average 3.000m2 in size. 

What is the difference between La Reserva, La Reserva Golf, and La Reserva Club? 

La Reserva refers to the whole luxurious residential area within Sotogrande. From the minute you pass the security checkpoint above Senda Chica and Village verde, until the moment you drive out the security gates by the school, this is all La Reserva (or the other way around if entering past the school). 

La Reserva Golf is the golf course within the La Reserva community, known for its championship 18-hole course. It’s a key feature of the area, offering a prestigious golfing experience coupled with the natural beauty of Andalusia.

La Reserva Club is the broader leisure and lifestyle club that encompasses the golf course as well as other amenities such as the tennis and paddle club, swimming pools, artificial beach and dining facilities. La Reserva Club is not just for residents and members, it is accessible to anyone, and highly recommendable. 

Does La Reserva have sea views? 

Yes, La Reserva has some of the best sea views Sotogrande has to offer. The views stretch all the way from Punta Chullera, to Gibraltar, the mountains in the ‘Alcornocales natural park’, and Africa and Ceuta on the other side of the mediterranean.  


Depending on where the house is located, the views are unbeatable. The best sea views are obtained from the houses higher up, such as the house on the highest plot in La Reserva, or a villa like ‘The Edge’, which boasts stunning views. 

Where can you eat in La Reserva?

Inside La Reserva within Sotogrande there are two dining options. However, most of the restaurants throughout Sotogrande are very easy to get to within a short drive. If you are staying in the apartments, townhouses, or ‘The fifteen’ or ‘The Seven’, these restaurants are easily reached by foot. However, if you are staying anywhere else in the resort a car is recommended, as before entering La Reserva you need to cross the ‘Carretera de Arenillas’, which does not have a zebra crossing at the height of the security entrance, and the walk around is slightly too far. 

At The Clubhouse in La Reserva, dining is a celebration of Andalusian flavors refined by contemporary and European influences. Nestled by the golf course, the restaurant prides itself on showcasing local, seasonal produce that takes the spotlight in every dish. A key feature of the culinary experience here is the innovative charcoal oven, a testament to the commitment to excellence, delivering exquisitely cooked meats and fish with a perfect charred finish.

La Reserva Club elevates the dining experience with a menu that’s both light and invigorating. The gastronomic offerings are composed of meticulously crafted lunch options and a la carte selections that promise a feast for the eyes as much as for the palate. Prioritizing health without compromising taste, the dishes feature local, natural ingredients. For those with a penchant for Eastern cuisine, the club’s chefs also serve up the finest traditional sushi and culinary novelties, ensuring a diverse and sophisticated dining experience.

What services does La Reserva offer its residents? 

La Reserva provides a range of services to its residents. However it must be noted that being a resident in La Reserva does not give you access to La Reserva Club – for this you must have a separate membership or day booking. 

La Reserva club offers an array of sporting facilities, from the well renowned 18-hole gold course La Reserva Golf, to 4 clay tennis courts, 5 glass walled padel courts, a multi-use sports field, an artificial, crystal clear water sport lake for jetboarding, e-foiling, paddle boarding, and kayaking, a walking path, a fully equipped horse riding track and mountain biking track throughout the area.

Thanks to La Reserva Club, its residents now also have two dining and lunch venues: The Clubhouse restaurant, and the La Reserva club restaurant. The first being first line golf, and surrounded by the tranquility of the golf, and the second, first-line lake, where you experience dining next to the serenity of the water.  

Is La Reserva safe? 

Like the rest of Sotograde, La Reserva typically implements robust security measures to ensure the safety and well-being of its residents.

La Reserva takes the safety and security of its residents and properties very seriously. As you enter this exclusive estate, you will immediately notice the presence of robust security measures in place. A gated entrance with 24-hour security monitoring is a prominent feature, ensuring meticulous oversight of all movements in and out of La Reserva. This not only provides a sense of reassurance but also actively deters unauthorized access, creating a secure and serene environment for all who reside within.

But the commitment to security doesn’t stop at the gates. Throughout the estate, 24-hour security patrols are in operation, ensuring a constant vigilance and rapid response to any potential security concerns. These patrols serve to enhance the overall safety of the community, offering peace of mind to residents and visitors alike.

In addition to these comprehensive security measures, many of the developments within La Reserva have taken security to the next level by implementing private security systems at the entrances to their respective complexes. This extra layer of protection further fortifies the estate’s security infrastructure, making La Reserva one of the most secure and exclusive residential communities in the region. It’s a testament to the estate’s dedication to providing a safe and tranquil living environment, where residents can fully enjoy their homes and the surrounding amenities with confidence and peace of mind.

Who lives in La Reserva? 

The residents of La Reserva are a diverse group, including international homeowners, retirees, and individuals or families looking for a luxurious and secure residential experience.

La Reserva attracts a varied and distinguished population, from royalty and nobility to business leaders and influential politicians, drawn by the exceptional level of privacy and security it offers. At Open Frontiers, we prioritize the confidentiality of our high-profile clients, maintaining a firm commitment to trust and integrity. This commitment enhances the quiet familiarity of sharing spaces with prominent figures while living in La Reserva. 

While the community is steeped in its Spanish heritage, thanks to its founding families, it is now evolving with an influx of young professionals and families, adding to its dynamic and international character. La Reserva is a place where conversations are rich with diverse and compelling narratives, reflecting its eclectic and upscale residents.

What are the most famous houses in La Reserva? 

At the heart of La Reserva, you’ll find the ongoing developments of the Seven and the Fifteen. These developments are not just homes; they are expressions of luxury, seamlessly blending with the breathtaking natural beauty that surrounds them.

As you venture further to the west, you’ll discover Calle Morera, the highest street in La Reserva and indeed the entire Sotogrande region. The elevated position of this street offers an elevated perspective, where the horizon seems to stretch infinitely, and the world below unfolds in all its splendor. Here, you’ll encounter some of the most remarkable residences in La Reserva, including the iconic Villa Blue, Villa Panoramah, and Villa Edge.

Further East through La Reserva you will find, well hidden away, the entrance to ‘El Mirador’. This is another gated community within La Reserva composed of 6 houses with panoramic sea and golf views. Some of the villas here include Villa Dorado, Villa Lavanda and Villa Vela. As you continue through the resort closeby you will also find Villa Frame. 

La Reserva, with its unrivaled elevation, not only offers luxurious living spaces but also a gateway to an exclusive lifestyle that harmonizes with nature and captures the essence of Sotogrande’s opulent charm. It’s a place where architectural wonders and natural beauty come together to create a unique haven for those who seek the extraordinary.

What style of homes can you find in La Reserva? 

Homes in La Reserva encompass a variety of architectural styles, but modern designs are prevalent. These homes are often characterized by high-quality finishes and luxurious features, reflecting the upscale nature of the area.

Upon entry you find two different luxury apartment developments, Senda Chica and Village Verde. Senda Chica, constructed in 2021, a 15 block development with a diverse choice of properties from town houses to 3 bedroom penthouses all with access to the padel center, Swimming pool and gym. Village Verde is the most recent development in La Reserva with phase one coming to an end, phase one containing 49, 3 bedroom apartments and high end facilities; a gym, a 25 meter pool even a jogging trail in the luscious green promenades. Both these developments are not even 2 minutes away from La Reserva club.

Adjacent to La Reserva club is Los Cortijos, an urbanization constructed in 2006 containing townhouses and villas with a large proportion of the properties being front line golf looking over the championship course La Reserva. Modern townhouses are found in the complex ‘La Finca’ by Kronos, and ‘Los Albares’ by ‘Acciona’ higher up in La Reserva. 

The villas in La Reserva are the most grandiose in the whole of Sotogrande. It is home to ‘The Edge’, a unique property by Krystal Developments, and other luxury villas. This is also where ‘The Fifteen’ and ‘The Seven’ are located, what promises to be the most exclusive area of Sotogrande, within La Reserva. 

What is ‘The Fifteen’ in La Reserva? 

The Fifteen is an exclusive gated community of fifteen luxury villas located in La Reserva de Sotogrande, Spain. Each villa occupies a plot of 4,500 to 5,000 square meters with panoramic views, designed with a unique parkland concept by landscape architect Jean Mus. The community offers concierge and lifestyle services for a hassle-free living experience and is situated within close proximity to Sotogrande’s amenities, including beach clubs, polo fields, and golf courses. For the full information on The Fifteen, check out our blog.

What is ‘The Seven’ in La Reserva? 

‘The Seven’ is a prestigious collection of seven exclusive villas within the gated community of La Reserva in Sotogrande, renowned for its luxury and privacy, which you can learn about in more detail here. Each villa is situated on a spacious one-hectare homesite, crafted by the famous landscapist Jean Mus, and designed by a different acclaimed international architect. The villas are embedded in lush green parkland, offering expansive amenities, privacy, and panoramic views of the Mediterranean, with plot prices starting at €7,600,000, symbolizing a unique blend of comfort and opulence.

The architects who have contributed their vision to these residences are some of the most eminent in the field, with each bringing a distinct international flair to their designs.

‘NIWA’ is the creation of Ark, while Studio MK27 is responsible for the award-winning ‘The Kogen Villa’. ‘The Gumuchdijan Villa’ showcases the expertise of Gumuchdijan Architects from London. Andreas Martin-Löf Arkitekter from Stockholm has designed ‘The Martin-Löf Villa’. ‘The Van Berkel Villa’ is a work by Ben Van Berkel of UNStudio, the same architect behind the Erasmus Bridge. Fran Silvestre Architectos, gaining international recognition in Spain, is the name behind ‘The Silvestre Villa’. Finally, the Norwegian firm Jensen & Skodvin is responsible for ‘The Jensen Villa’. Each villa reflects the architect’s unique style, contributing to the exclusivity of The Seven.

How much does it cost to buy a villa in La Reserva?  

Purchasing a villa in the illustrious La Reserva community begins at an entry price of around €2.5 million. The average property, offering expansive comfort and exclusivity, is priced in the region of €5 to €6 million. The most luxurious villas in La Reserva command prices of up to €17.9 million, as well as an exceptionally exclusive pocket listings reaching the heights of €22 million.

How much does it cost to buy a plot in La Reserva? 

Depending on the size and the views, a plot in La Reserva costs you at least 440,000€ for a great deal, and can range all the way up to 7.6 million, averaging at around 1 million. 

In recent years, the prices of land have experienced a significant upswing, primarily driven by the soaring popularity of the area and the rapid pace of development. This surge in demand has led to an increased number of plots being snapped up, which, in turn, has resulted in escalating property values. The extent of this price hike varies significantly depending on the specific area and even the particular street within that area. However, on a broad estimate, the average cost of land in this region stands at approximately €1,000,000.

It’s worth noting that within this dynamic real estate landscape, the upper echelons of La Reserva boast some truly exceptional plots of land. In these highly sought-after areas, prices can reach remarkable heights, for example the plots belonging to ‘The seven’: these plot prices of one hectare start at 7.6 million.

How much does it cost to buy an apartment in La Reserva? 

In La Reserva, apartment pricing kicks off at €500,000 within the Senda Chica complex, while a 2-bedroom apartment in the stunning Village Verde begins at €850,000. As for the upper-tier properties, penthouses in Senda Chica start at €680,000, with the exquisite Sky Villas in Village Verde climbing to a price point of €3,000,000. This wide-ranging price spectrum reflects the diversity of property options available!

How much does it cost to buy a townhouse in La Reserva? 

Acciona’s latest development, ‘Los Albaranes,’ situated in the prestigious La Reserva area, presents a range of townhouses starting at €850,000 and reaching up to €1,360,000. Additionally, the Cortijos de la Reserva offers traditional Andalusian townhouses with prices beginning at €450,000, which can go as high as €1,400,000 for those located on the front line of the golf course.

Is La Reserva a popular place to live? 

Yes, La Reserva is popular among individuals and families seeking an exclusive and luxurious living environment. It offers a range of amenities and a serene, upscale lifestyle, making it a sought-after destination in Sotogrande.

La Reserva, as the newest and most contemporary neighborhood in Sotogrande. The continuous evolution of La Reserva, marked by ongoing developments and the introduction of new amenities, only serves to enhance its appeal. However, it’s important to note that this constant growth does not diminish the existing charm and conveniences already in place.

Even two decades after its establishment, La Reserva stands as a testament to the foresight of its founders. The complex has matured gracefully, now boasting a comprehensive array of amenities thanks to La Reserva Club which offers a beach club, racquet center, and dining opportunities.  The enduring vibrancy of La Reserva makes it an enclave of distinction within Sotogrande, where both modernity and tradition harmoniously coexist to create a truly unique and sought-after living experience.

The commitment to ongoing development, along with the preservation of the neighborhood’s original essence, ensures that La Reserva will continue to flourish and captivate those who seek a blend of contemporary luxury and timeless charm in one of the most prestigious locales in the region.

What is life like for kids in La Reserva? 

Children living in La Reserva can enjoy a comfortable and active lifestyle. In La Reserva, there is a prevalent misconception that it is still very much under development and primarily geared towards the older generation. However, this perception couldn’t be further from the truth. This Urbanisation offers a wide array of attractions and activities in every direction you turn. 

For Children, to be able to cycle or walk to and from the Sotogrande International School is a huge plus. La Reserva is also bordering the green zone, where children can play and explore endlessly. The wide roads and well prepared sidewalks are perfect for cycling, and La Reserva Club offers so many sporting opportunities it would be hard to get a day off. 

Whether your child is an experienced golfer or a beginner, the academy provides expert guidance. But it doesn’t end with golf; the tennis centre offers an equally enjoyable and instructive experience for all racket sports enthusiasts. Additionally, the beach club, with its fully man-made inland lagoon, is an oasis of tropical delight, making it an ideal destination for family outings with endless entertainment for children on the sports lake. La Reserva is an incredible place to grow up, and life for children in Sotogrande is unique no matter where you are within the resort.

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