Sotogrande Marina

Marina Sotogrande: The Enchanting Little Venice of Coastal Elegance

What is Marina Sotogrande

The Marina Sotogrande, also known as Sotogrande Port, is a vibrant marina and one of Spain’s largest sporting ports with 1382 berths that accommodate yachts up to 70 meters, surrounded by 1400 luxury waterfront apartments and townhouses. It is among the top ten largest ports in Spain, and probably the best recreational port in the country. 

Where is Sotogrande Port? 

Marina Sotogrande is a marina within the prestigious Sotogrande residential complex, on the east coast of Cadiz, Spain, just north of Gibraltar, in Mediterranean waters. Situated at coordinates 36° 17’24” north latitude and 5° 16′ 10″ west longitude, this marina boasts an impressive 80-meter wide entrance channel with a depth of 4 meters. 

Sotogrande port, located conveniently on the left bank of the Guadiaro river, is a mere 20-minute journey south to the Port of Gibraltar, where a lot of captains go for fueling, or north to La Duquesa Port, making it an ideal stopover for seafaring enthusiasts. Sotogrande port is also a common starting port for the Spain-ceuta trip. Its location in the Alboran Sea, is an ideal spot for anything boat life related. 

Difference between marina and port? 

Sotogrande port, or Sotogrande Marina is actually a large area, hence, true Sotogrande locals differentiate between ‘marina’ and ‘port’. 

When we say Sotogrande port, what we truly mean is the ‘old’ or original side of the port. This part of the port starts where the roads are still cobblestone, plus the main road past the roundabout that takes you to the control tower. This is also where KE bar is located, the dry dock, the banks, among others. 

The marina however, refers to anything surrounding the ‘newer’ part of the port, and where the islands are. In social terms, if you are meeting someone in ‘Sotogrande Marina’ you are likely to be meeting in a restaurant or bar on Ribera del Marlin, or in the yacht club. 

The difference between the two is also incredibly important in terms of real estate, as anything in the traditional port area is lease-hold, while the rest of the marina is free hold. It is important to understand the difference between the two types of ownership and where the types of apartments are located

Is Sotogrande in the Mediterranean sea? 

Sotogrande is commonly known as part of the Mediterranean, but it is technically on the Alboran Sea, the westernmost part of the Mediterranean. The Alboran Sea is defined by Spain to the north, African coastlines to the south, the Strait of Gibraltar to the west, and an imaginary line from Cape Gata to Cape Fegalo to the east. Named after the Alboran Island near Almería, its distinct currents are shaped by Atlantic waters moving eastward and Mediterranean waters flowing westward, influenced by the Levante winds. For a comprehensive understanding, read the full information on our blog.

What is the history of Marina Sotogrande? 

The history of Sotogrande port is fully explained in our blog, but the brief version is the following: in the 1960s, the vision of Filipino tycoon Joseph McMikking began to materialize as he set out to create Europe’s most exclusive private resort on the Mediterranean coast (technically in the Alboran Sea). His ambition was to develop Sotogrande, an elite and luxurious enclave that would offer an idyllic living and vacation experience, with happiness as its core ethos, nestled on the Costa del Sol with views of Morocco, Gibraltar, and the Mediterranean Sea.

The Sotogrande Marina was conceived to enhance and complete the Sotogrande urbanization, bringing a maritime dimension to the area while preserving its ethos of quality, tranquility, and a family-friendly atmosphere. The marina, built on the left bank of the Guadiaro River estuary with a kilometer of coastline, now boasts 1,382 berths, 1,426 high-quality residences, a 4-star hotel, and two commercial zones with 350 outlets. Sotogrande’s maritime heritage, marked by an initial fleet of 40 catamarans and regattas on Cucurucho beach, paved the way for what is now one of the most discreet and charming marinas on the Spanish and European coastlines—Puerto Sotogrande.

What is there to do in Marina Sotogrande? 

Puerto Sotogrande offers a wide range of activities and attractions for residents and visitors to enjoy. Here are some of the things you can do in Puerto Sotogrande: 

Marina and Water Activities: The Puerto Deportivo de Sotogrande is a major attraction, offering opportunities for sailing, yachting, and other water sports. You can explore the marina, rent boats, or simply enjoy the picturesque views of the Mediterranean. For a comprehensive list of water activities and boat rentals in the port, check out our boating guide

Beaches: The nearby beaches along the Sotogrande coast are ideal for sunbathing, swimming, and water sports like paddleboarding and windsurfing. There are also beach clubs where you can relax with food and drinks. Our favorite is the beach in front of ‘Paseo del Mar’. In summer it can be reached using the free boat taxi, and out of peak season, the weather is soft enough to enjoy the short stroll from anywhere in the marina to this beach. 

Nature and Hiking: Sotogrande port is surrounded by natural beauty. You can explore the nearby cork forests, go hiking in the Alcornocales Natural Park, or visit the Guadiaro River for birdwatching and scenic walks. Right by the port we even have the bird watching area ‘La Charca’, a unique phenomenon 5 meters away from the port entrance. 

Dining and Nightlife: Puerto Sotogrande has a variety of restaurants, bars, and cafes where you can savor Spanish and international cuisine. On weekends it is common to see people enjoying drinks on the terraces of these venues, winter and summer alike. 

Shopping: Sotogrande offers upscale shopping experiences, with boutiques and shops selling designer clothing, jewelry, and home goods. Shops can be found in the main area of the port, on the Ribera del Marlin walkway, and the commercial center hub on the other side of the marina by the Octogono beach club. 

Cultural Events: Throughout the year, you can find cultural events, festivals, and art exhibitions happening in the area. 

Relaxation: Many people come to Puerto Sotogrande to relax and enjoy the Mediterranean lifestyle. This includes leisurely walks along the marina, spa treatments, and simply soaking up the sun in a tranquil setting. 

Day Trips: Puerto Sotogrande’s strategic location allows for easy day trips to near by towns and attractions. You can visit Gibraltar, explore the historic city of Ronda, or take a ferry to Morocco.

What’s life like for kids in Marina Sotogrande? 

Life for kids in Marina Sotogrande is incredibly enjoyable, thanks to the area’s family-friendly amenities, outdoor activities, and access to quality education. Here’s what life is like for kids in Marina Sotogrande: 

Marina Sotogrande and its surrounding areas offer numerous outdoor activities for children. They can enjoy playing on the beautiful beaches, swimming in the Mediterranean Sea, and participating in water sports like paddle boarding, kayaking and sailing with laser boats on the river. Additionally, the region’s natural parks and forests provide opportunities for hiking and exploring nature. 

Inside Sotogrande port there is also the famous Octogono Tennis Club – where the ‘Tennis Academy’ trains daily, and kids have the opportunity to learn paddle or tennis to incredibly high standards. 

Like the rest of Sotogrande, the port is a very safe and secure place to live, it is normal to see children walking around unsupervised with their friends, enjoying cycling or rollerblading on the specially prepared walkway, or strolling down the marina. 

Most of the social activities happen in Sotogrande port, so on Sundays, it is very common to see children playing in the main squares and meeting new friends in this extremely international community. 

Being a child in Sotogrande is fascinating, and the port is the heart for a lot of the activities surrounding the young people of the resort. Some of our best summers were spent playing paddle, then tennis, then laser sailing on the river, taking the free boat taxi through the marina to the other side, where we would spend another few hours on the beach, before meeting up with more friends at the marina entrance of the Santa Maria Polo Club. The freedom and the safety Sotogrande provides is truly unique, and this makes space for a beautiful upbringing. 

Healthcare in Sotogrande port

Healthcare within Sotogrande Port is both accessible and sophisticated, with the private Quore Clinic in Ribera del Marlin offering comprehensive medical services. The clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic tools such as MRI and CT scans and provides a full suite of medical and surgical specialties. They also have partnerships with numerous international insurance companies to facilitate easy access to healthcare services.

In cases of emergency, Sotogrande Port ensures swift medical assistance. The national emergency hotline, 112, is available for urgent healthcare situations, including ambulance services. For continuous healthcare needs, the Centro de Salud in San Enrique offers 24-hour medical care, guaranteeing that help is always at hand for those in need. Further information on hospitals and healthcare in Sotogrande can be found here. 

Is Marina Sotogrande a popular place to live? 

Yes, Marina Sotogrande is a popular place to live. It is probably the most sought after area for those wanting to embrace the bustling area of the port, as this is where the most life happens with the commodity of not needing to take the car. 

Due to its beauty and easy to access location, sotogrande port is a very common place for residents to live. The marina offers all the services one could need, and a large array of leisure activities, all within walking distance. Those who own a boat also enjoy living in the marina, as many of the properties in Sotogrande port actually offer direct access to the berths. 

The properties here have a more traditional architecture, but boast modern and luxurious amenities and interiors. Some have even compared the feel to a little Venice in the mediterranean. 

What style of homes can you find in Marina Sotogrande?

In Sotogrande port, you can find a wide variety of architectural styles for homes, reflecting the diverse tastes and preferences of its residents. The port style has been very controlled, with beautifully coloured buildings reflecting on the marina waters, and spacious garden areas in between. Further, 5 islands were built into the marina creating an even grander feel. 

Apartments and townhouses are found surrounding the sotogrande port waters, from luxurious four bedroom penthouses, to ground floor apartments with their private pool. Almost all the properties in this area are first line port, and some even boast double views to the marina and to the beach. 

How much does it cost to buy an apartment in Sotogrande port? 

In Sotogrande port, apartments are categorized as either leasehold or freehold. Leasehold units are exclusive to the original section of Sotogrande Port, while the remaining apartments are all freehold.

Price points for leasehold apartments in Sotogrande Port begin at approximately 100,000€ for a studio, with one-bedroom units starting at 200,000€, and three-bedroom apartments at around 270,000€. Factors influencing the cost include renovations, the apartment’s views, its orientation, and which floor it’s on. For instance, a top-tier penthouse is on the market for just under 2,000,000€, boasting extensive refurbishments and combining what were once three separate apartments. To comprehend the implications of leasehold ownership, we encourage you to consult our blog.

Conversely, freehold apartments in the port have an entry price of 290,000€. On average, prices hover around 600,000€, but can climb beyond 2,000,000€ for exceptionally distinctive properties, such as the Necora penthouse. Pricing is largely dependent on the apartment’s specific location, its views and orientation, and the number of bedrooms it offers.

How much does it cost to buy a townhouse in Sotogrande port? 

Townhouses in Sotogrande port are rare, with only two communities offering this type of property: Ribera del Emperador, and ‘Cases del rio’. 

In the highly coveted Ribera del Emperador, townhouses have starting prices at 1.4 million euros and are infrequently available for sale due to their popularity. Similarly, the river townhouses, prized for their breathtaking views and prime locations, begin at 850,000€, while the second line townhouses can be bought from 350,000€. 

How much does a mooring cost in sotogrande port? 

All moorings in Sotogrande Port are offered on a leasehold basis, with the lease set to expire in 2057. The cost of acquiring a berth begins at 32,000€ for a 12-meter space and 45,000€ for a 15-meter space situated on the islands. Prices can escalate to as much as 185,000€ for a substantial 25-meter berth adjacent to the control tower. 

Is Marina Sotogrande safe? 

Marina Sotogrande is generally considered a safe and secure area. It is known for its well-maintained gated communities, private estates, and a strong security presence, which contribute to the overall safety of the region. However, like any place, it’s essential to be aware of general safety precautions: 

Gated Communities: Many of the residential areas in Puerto Sotogrande are gated and have security personnel, providing an extra layer of security. 

Low Crime Rate: The area typically experiences a low crime rate, including low rates of violent crime. Property crimes like burglaries may occur, but they are relatively rare. If crimes do happen, they are usually minor, like a stolen bike that was not locked, or a SUP board, though you find that these belongings normally appear on the other side of the marina, or by the river, a few days later, and were just the result of mischievous acts. 

Police Presence: Local law enforcement agencies are active in maintaining safety and responding to any incidents promptly. 

Security: The presence of security in Sotogrande port is high. You will often see the security guards patrolling the area in their cars or on mopeds. In summer, the security is heavily increased, with guards constantly patrolling the area. 

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