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The buying of a second home is a very emotional and important purchase for most of us. A second home is a wonderful luxury and often bought by people who have worked extremely hard to earn the ...

Vacation Bliss: Discovering Sotogrande as the Ultimate Second Home Haven

The buying of a second home is a very emotional and important purchase for most of us. A second home is a wonderful luxury and often bought by people who have worked extremely hard to earn the privilege of a holiday home. 

Climate is a major consideration for most buyers as they probably live in a harsher climate and the need for sun is very necessary!

The choice of location has to be right to justify spending hard earned money and savings. A buyer can not afford both economically and emotionally to get it wrong: it’s a major investment in money and future leisure time!

Sotogrande has been the preferred second home destination for many people from many different countries since its inception in 1963.

The founder of sotogrande, Colonel Joseph McMicking, was a highly successful businessman and extremely hard working, who valued his holiday time greatly. He therefore, was determined to creat a resort that would welcome both families and semi retired people. Sotogrande had to offer above all a beautiful envisioned for people to get the perfect rest and break from their busy everyday lives.

McMicking therefore, needed sufficient land to creat his dream resort. He was to buy 1,800 hectares of prime land in 1963. The land was rich in cork oak trees, very verdant thank to the abundance of water and the prolific river Guadiaro that runs through the estate.

All the ingredients were there to creat a magnificent resort that would offer first class services and sporting facilities for families and retirees.

If we move forward in time to the present day we can fully appreciate the vision McMicking had when he started sotogrande in 1963.

Second Home

Those looking for a second home need various factors to ensure that their free time is restful , enjoyable, comfortable and safe! The life and style of Sotogrande encompasses all these virtues and more.

Those buying their second home will immediately enjoy a magnificent infrastructure of well planned mature resort. The roads, electricity and water supply are excellent. They have all the opportunities to buy a resale home or indeed a brand new house. The support and infrastructure is there to help them.

As soon as they settle into their new home they have time to assimilate the benefits of sotogrande.

If they love sport they will be amongst some of the best sports facilities of any resort in Europe.

The golf facilities are truly impressive and designed for all level of players. The Royal Valderrama and Royal Sotogrande are world class golf courses. As well as La Reserva, Almenara and La Cañada golf courses. ( see my blog on golf in sotogrande.)

Naturally there are tenis and paddle courts and first class sailing facilities. There are opportunities to learn how to rid, whether hacking or learning dressage. The Polo club is world famous and hosts some the best high goal tournaments in the world.

Families may need a school and sotogrande is very fortunate to have in its grounds the Sotogrande International School. This is one of the top ranking International Baccalaureate schools in spain. This enables young families to make their roots in Sotogrande.

The magnificent green areas and wooded areas of Sotogrande are truly marvellous and give a sense of low density and above all peace and quiet!

The resort benefits from first class security. Security is so important and especially so for a second home abroad. The owners need to know that when they are not in sotogrande their home is safe.

Finally, sotogrande has a wonderful climate, especially for those escaping the harsh northern climates. The warmest months being July and August. Here the temperature is relatively mild at around 33 degrees Celsius. As sotogrande is on the Mediterranean Sea it never gets unbearably hot. Equally,  in winter the temperature at midday is rarely below 15 degrees Celsius. The lowest temperature in the early morning January can be 2 to 3 degrees, but soon warms up to 15 degrees. Spring and autumn are wonderful months with average temperatures around 25 degrees .

Sotogrande is truly a magnificent mature resort with first class facilities. The resort has all types of sporting facilities as well as restaurants and shops. Importantly sotogrande is close to some of the most important cultural cities in Spain: Granada, Cordoba, Seville, Malaga,Rhonda, and the wine growing area of Jerez de la frontera. Gibraltar is 15 minutes away and North Africa is less than half a days travel away! Tánger is well worth a visit! There is also the possibility to go skiing in the Sierra Nevada mountains, only 3 and half hours away.

I can think of few better places to have a second home than sotogrande! Please come and see us and find out for yourself!

Michael Norton Partner & Director

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