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Welcome to the vibrant and dynamic social scene of Sotogrande, where entertainment meets elegance at every turn

Sotogrande After Dark: Unforgettable Nightlife Experiences

Welcome to the vibrant and dynamic social scene of Sotogrande, where entertainment meets elegance at every turn. In this guide, we unveil the hottest spots that define the nightlife in this picturesque destination. From the lively gatherings at Agora to the glamorous soirées at Trocadero, Sotogrande offers a diverse array of experiences for those seeking unforgettable nights out. Whether you’re a local resident or a visitor, these establishments promise an unparalleled blend of music, dance, and socializing. Join us as we explore the enchanting addresses that light up the nights in Sotogrande.


A vibrant and contemporary gathering spot in Sotogrande, Agora offers a diverse range of entertainment, from live music to themed events, making it a hub for socializing and enjoyment. Here you can have dinner and then dance the night away until 5am. We recommend Saturdays in the off-season, and any day of the week in summer. 

Address: Centro Comercial Mar y Sol Avenida Arenilla 2, 11310 Sotogrande

Phone: +34 669 99 78 88

Trocadero Nightlife (only in august)

Trocadero is renowned for its glamorous and selective parties that go on until early hours of the morning. The guest list is impressive and the dress code strictly followed, however, once in, get ready for some of the best summer nights.  

Address: Paseo del Parque s/n, Cádiz, 11310 San Roque

Phone: +34 678 45 60 47

After Polo (only in august)

Originally the place to be for the polo crowd, but now, open to anyone who wants to enjoy dancing in open air to the latest hits.

Address: Santa María Polo Club Sotogrande, Autovía del Mediterráneo, San Roque

Phone: +34 622 90 24 00

Chambao (only in season)

Home to some of the best parties in summer, and especially popular on Wednesday nights. Despite being on the beach, these elegant parties are always filled with fun and great stories that follow. 

Address: Playa Torreguadiaro, s/n, 11312 Torreguadiaro, Cádiz

Phone: 657 80 03 33

Bahía Limón Chiringochill (only in season)

A laid back environment where the crowd is as varied as can be. Here you will find something for everyone, and Sunday afternoons are always a great bet! 

Address: Bda. Pescadores, 52, 11360 San Roque, Cádiz

Phone: +34 626 40 73 47

In the heart of Sotogrande nightlife, each venue we’ve explored adds a unique touch to the city’s after-hours ambiance. From the chic parties at Trocadero to the open-air beats at After Polo, and the laid-back vibes of Bahía Limón Chiringo Chill, Sotogrande social scene caters to every taste.

So, whether you’re savoring a Wednesday night at Chambao or enjoying a leisurely Sunday afternoon by the beach, the nightlife in Sotogrande promises not just entertainment, but a tapestry of memories waiting to be woven. As the sun sets over this coastal gem, the rhythm of its nights will surely leave you enchanted and yearning for more. Embrace the spirit of Sotogrande after dark, where the music plays on, the dance floor beckons, and the memories linger long after the night has faded.

Innin Buyl
Innin Buyl Director of Sales and Business Development

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