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Sotogrande Marina, a distinctive port in Andalusia, offers a unique lifestyle with leasehold properties, diverse amenities, and waterfront activities. Ideal for those seeking a blend of luxury and ...

The Sotogrande Marina and PortExploring Sotogrande Marina: A Comprehensive Guide to the Port and Its Attraction.

The combination of a Port and a Leisure Marina side by side in Sotogrande is a unique feature in Andalucia. Indeed there are very few large marinas in Andalusia! Thus the Sotogrande Marina adds so much value to the resort. In fact, Sotogrande Marina is among the 10 largest ports in Spain, holding a truly impressive size for a sporting and leisure port.

The idea began in the very early 1980s and was at the time quite controversial! The idea of linking the main land mass of sotogrande with a bridge to a future Port and Marina on the other side of the Guadiaro river met with resistance. It was felt that a Port would attract the wrong sort of tourism and would expose the resort to more traffic and noise, finally reducing the exclusivity of the area.

However, fortunately the idea of a Port and Marina took traction and the project began in the early 1980s.

The sotogrande Port began its life as a leasehold project. It should be noted all land reclaimed from the sea and built upon will be subject to leasehold. Indeed the Sotogrande Port was given a 75 year lease ( today the maximum lease is 50) that will expire in 2057. Note the 1,382 berths are also sold as a leasehold to 2057. Berths in Sotogrande range in size from 6 metres to 50 metres, the average being 12 and 15 metres. (Note: the maximum size berth in the Marina is 15 metres due to its shallower depth than the Port.)

Today there are a wide range of apartments in the Sotogrande Port as well as commercial property. The commercial units offer a range of restaurants, bars, shops and banks as well as yatch brokers and shops specifically for the boating world! There is a large boat yard for reparation and restoration. Also winter storage for small and medium sized boats.

The most important thing to remember if one is considering buying a property in the port is the concept of “leasehold”. The buyer should be aware that they are not buying freehold and as such will have a review of the property when the lease ends in 2057. Unfortunately, we do not have a clear idea of what will happen as there has been no precedence in Andalusia to date. “ Caveat emptor”!

The Marina was started in the early 1990s with the first apartments being built in “Ribera del Arlequin” in 1995. Today the Marina is all but finished with 27 different apartments blocks and townhouses, including 5 ‘islands’.

There is one last plot in the Sotogrande Marina to be developed: “ Ribera del Dorado”. This will be a very luxurious development of 9 large apartments. For further information please contact us.

The first commercial units in the Marina were opened below the “Ribera del Marlin” development in 2009. Today nearly all the units are thriving and the  remaining few units not open soon will open: all units are sold.

Sotogrande Marina Lifestyle:

The Sotogrande Marina and Port offer a wonderful lifestyle of living by the water and walking distance to the beaches, restaurants and shops! Those units with gardens often have a berth right in front, offering quick access to a days sailing on the Mediterranean. The Marina has traditionally been very attractive to young families, as all the beach activities are on your doorstep. However, those looking for a quieter and more countryside environment should see what is on offer around our beautiful golf courses.

Please come and see us in our office in the Sotogrande Marina, situated in one of the wonderful commercial units below the iconic “Ribera del Marlin”.

Michael Norton
Michael Norton Partner & Director

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