living in sotogrande

Living in Sotogrande The life and style of Sotogrande was clearly defined in 1964 when the first houses were built. The founder of sotogrande, Colonel Joseph McMicking, was a true visionary. He was ...

Sotogrande Living: Empowering Your Decision with the Pros and Cons of Embracing this Coastal Haven

Living in Sotogrande

The life and style of Sotogrande was clearly defined in 1964 when the first houses were built. The founder of sotogrande, Colonel Joseph McMicking, was a true visionary. He was Scottish by heritage but very American in his way of thinking and he thought big! Thanks to him, Sotogrande has a magnificent infrastructure that has in turn created a resort of truly exceptional facilities and luxury living.

Sotogrande is 1,800 hectares ( 4,447 acres) in size and benefits from magnificent infrastructure that only a visionary like McMicking could envisage in 1963. 

The first thing one noticed on driving into the resort are the magnificent roads and the dual carriageway entrance. Indeed the dual carriageway entrance was one of the best and most spacious roads in Spain in 1964! Not only is the road network excellent but also all the infrastructure that is not seen.

In the 1960 it was considered a luxury to be near an electric pylon as to have mains electricity was a luxury at that time in spain. However, McMicking insisted that there would be no pylons on the estate as he foresaw a time when people would despise and not wish to live near to electric pylons if only due to the fear of getting cancer from them.

As I write this blog there is a water shortage in many provinces of spain. In Cadiz, Malaga, Murcia , Almería , Huelva and Catalonia. Water restrictions are being applied as I write. However, sotogrande currently has no restrictions and indeed never has in its entire history.

Sotogrande is fortunate to have a very prolific river: The River Guadiaro. The Guadiaro river is mostly fed from the rainfall in Grazalema, approximately one hour and 30 minutes away from sotogrande. Perhaps more importantly to note is that Grazalema has the highest rainfall count in spain. This water also feeds into a large suba aquifer beneath sotogrande. Also we enjoy heavy dew fall as a result of the geography of Gibraltar. The clouds hang over Gibraltar and create excellent dew fall for the surrounding area, including sotogrande. 

A great infrastructure permits excellent opportunities to create wonderful spacious villas, townhouses and apartments. Wide roads and luscious green zones of cork oak trees help shape  a beautiful area to live in.

The sheer size of the sotogrande permits numerous spacious golf courses. The resort enjoys every facility for lovers of horses, from polo to hacking and dressage. The polo fields are among the finest in the world. We have first class facilities for both paddle and tennis. In short, Sotogrande has excellent sporting facilities.

For young families wishing to make sotogrande their home, there is an excellent international school.

The Marina and Port of Sotogrande offer fantastic aquatic sports: hobie cat, optimist, canoeing, sailing and deep sea fishing. Indeed in 1997 sotogrande hosted the hobie cat world championships!

The marina and port also offer a unique lifestyle around the water and close to the beaches. The apartments and townhouses in the marina enjoy direct access to berths and quick exit to the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. 

There are plenty of shops and restaurants to make marina living all the more fun.

Sotogrande does offer low density living in a beautiful area of 1,800 hectares ( 4,477 acres.) Its has all the facilities for young and old to live in harmony and enjoy an exclusive lifestyle. 

Security for our loved ones is paramount!

Sotogrande has excellent service of security provided by the leading security companies in Spain. The resort is gated and on its borders have numerous security cameras. My family and I have lived in Sotogrande safely since 1967. The world outside has seen many changes but we have always enjoyed a safe and peaceful lifestyle.

Naturally, Sotogrande is not for everyone and nor can or should it be. 

For many families, sotogrande lacks the vibrant lifestyle of cities and large towns. There is certainly limited shopping and limited nightlife in the form of discotheques and casinos. ( For ludapats there is a casino a few km away!)

In August, like most coastal areas in Europe, the resort can be annoying to those who crave peace and quiet. However, it is nice to see so many young Spanish  families enjoying the resort. After all, it is only one month a year.

For those who love beautiful white sandy beaches the beaches of the Mediterranean can be a disappointment. The sand is volcanic and there are obviously no tides. However, only 45 minutes away there are some of the best beaches on Spain’s Atlantic coast.

Sailing is good for those who love fast winds and non motorized boats. However, disappointing for those who love island hopping and secluded beaches like in the magnificent Balearic Islands. 

Finally, I should mention that the location of Sotogrande is very good to visit some of the most famous tourist sites in spain: Granada, Malaga, Córdoba , Seville, Rhonda, Jerez de la Frontera and the numerous white villages and vineyards. For lovers of wine a trip to Gonzales Byass in Jerez is a must!

Sotogrande is near to three International airports: Malaga, Gibraltar and Jerez as well as high speed trains.

No place is perfect and no place fits the designs and desires of all. No place will be the living that some crave and search for. However, I can sotogrande is a very decent and comfortable place to live and work as well as a holiday or raise a family! 

Nowhere is perfect for everyone: as they say  “ Vive la différence !”

Innin Buyl
Innin Buyl Director of Sales and Business Development

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